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Learn the German Alphabet

by 1t2drer71

Much like the English alphabet, German has 26 standard letters. However, the German alphabet contains one additional character and umlauted forms of three vowels.

Lets look at these now

German alphabet letters

Letter Name (Pronounciation)
A A (ah)
B Be (bay)
C Ce (tsay)
D De (day)
E E (ay)
F Ef (eff)
G Ge (gay)
H Ha (hah)
I I (eeh)
J Jott or Je (yot)
K Ka (kah)
L El (ell)
M Em (em)
N En (en)
O O (oh)
P Pe (pay)
Q Qu or Que (koo)
R Er (err)
S Es (es)
T Te (tay)
U U (ooh)
V Vau (fow)
W We (vay)
X Ix (iks)
Y Ypsilon (oopsilohn)
Z Zett (tset)
Ä Ä (eh)
Ü Ü (uuh)
Ö Ö (ouh)
Eszett (ess-set)

.German has three article forms: der (masculine), die (feminine), and das (neuter), but when talking about letters of the alphabet we use das.

For example: Das A, das B, das C.

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