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German Questions

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German Questions

Learning the basics of questions in German which are displayed below are vital to the language.

Usually a question will start with why, how, where, when …

Here are some examples:

English German
Questions Fragen
how? wie?
what? Was?
who? Wer?
why? warum?
where? wo?


List of Questions in German

Below is a list of the Questions and interrogative expressions in German.

These are incredibly useful basics to learn


where is he? Wo ist er?
what is this? Was ist das?
why are you sad? Warum bist du traurig?
how do you want to pay? Wie möchten Sie zahlen?
can I come? kann ich kommen?
is he sleeping? Schläft er?
do you know me? Kennen Sie mich?
do you have my book? Haben Sie mein Buch?
how big is it? Wie groß ist es?
can I help you? kann ich Ihnen helfen?
can you help me? Können Sie mir helfen?
how far is this? Wie weit ist das?
what time is it? Wie spät ist es?
how much is this? Was kostet das?
what is your name? Wie heißt du?

Wie heißen Sie?

where do you live? Wo wohnst du?

Wo wohnen Sie?

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