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Guide To Colors In German

by 1t2drer71

Colors In German?

Many of the German colors are very similar in pronunciation to their English language counterparts, making them easy to learn and remember. This makes this a nice starter topics for beginners wanting to learn German

Lets get to it

Color In English Pronunciation In German
Red rot
Orange orange
Yellow gelb
Green grün
Blue blau
white weiß
Black schwarz
Grey grau
Brown braun
Beige beige
Pink rosa
Purple lila
Silver silber
Gold gold

You see from the table above that it is quite easy to learn the colors in German?!

Nuance Of Colors In German

Sometimes it’s not always possible to describe a color.

In these instances, we can use nuances to describe the color. In these circumstances we can add  ‘-ish’ to the end of a color’s name.

Below are the nuances of hues in German to help you identify or describe objects in Germany.

English Word German Pronunciation
Reddish Rötlich
Greenish Grünlich
Yellowish Gelblich
Blueish Bläulich
Purplish Violett
Brownish Bräunlich

As you may notice, you simply add ‘lich’ to the end of the word for most of the colors. The exception to the rule is purple.

Color Characteristics In German

It’s also helpful to distinguish between intensities of colors in German. 

Like many other languages, German uses’ light’ and ‘dark’ to differentiate between hues.

Let’s take a look at how shades of colors are distinguished in German.

Color In English Pronunciation In German
light blue hellblau
light green hellgrun
light brown
dark blue dunkelblau
dark green dunkelgrun
dark brown dunkelbraun

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